How show business destroys lives.

The uncomfortable truth is media present a beauty image that is unattainable.

The beauty image changes through the ages, but since the second half of the 21st century female beauty consists of emaciated bodies and plastic faces. Fashion models and on a lesser degree actresses and tv presenters ought to be skin and bones to become the face of he industry.

A young, 38 year old woman died of anorexia yesterday. She was a reporter, started her tv career in her teens. She fought the illness for years. In the end, she couldn’t defeat it. There are many factors that make young people start to starve their body; ridicule of weight, bulluing, unattractiveness, the idea of being able to control something, anything, even if that is the food they consume. I wan’t insuate that I know what passes through their minds the first time they decide they are two fat and an apple is enough food to substain them, or the first time they throw up… or how that mindframe continues until their body shatters.

I know about my personal experience.

The first year I was in university after exams to be accepted, I was under severe stress. I lost about 5 kilos. At 1m 66 cm my weight was 46 kgs. I couldn’t eat anything. I remember drinking chocolate with whipped cream to get some calories because food was out of the question. Some time later my Mom told me she was thinking of taking me home. She was that worried.


My older brother was getting married that year. So I and a friend went to look for a dress for me to buy. I put on only one. Its colour was coral, medium asymmetrical length with straps. It was early March so I was wearing thick black tights. It didn’t actually fit, but had a class soon after and didn’t want to take them off. That wasn’t my problem though.

My problem was on the bust and straps. Back then & today, I think it looked awful. I was too skinny. I was too thin and the dress didn’t fit at all. Both the saleslady and my friend complimented me, said it looked great.

Trust me, it didn’t. And I knew it. I know what kind of clothes look good on me and what don’t. But I am thin. So it looked good. If you know what I mean?

But the thing is they tried to make me believe it looked good on me when it didn’t. For the sales lady, it was her job. She wanted to sell the dress. For my friend, who was heavier than me, I probably looked good? I don’t know. I doubt that thing looked good even to her. But she tried to be kind?

Don’t be kind.

Tell things as they are.

I wasn’t anorexic. I probably have a disorder, eating or something else, even to this day, but it doesn’t last as long as back then. I could see how I looked, but I just couldn’t swallow any food. Only liquids. It took five years to reach 50 kilograms. It’s not easy. Not even when your own brain & body doesn’t work against you.

Just because fashion industry hires teenagers with children’s bodies as models & pushes them to stop eating and «helps» them to grow old before their time doesn’t mean they love you. Or me. Or a woman over 20, 30, 40. Your body at 45 most probably won’t be the same as it was in your teens. A normal teenage girl will eat chocolate and icecream and a burger and more. An apple is just not enough.

Being thin may be what is considered beautiful today. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Learn to love yourself and be healthy.

Being healthy is priceless.




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