The problem with Johnny Depp’s spending habits

or maybe the problem with Johnny Depp’s missing money

or maybe a whole different kind of problem.

If I am to think about it, and unfortunately media do their best to remind me every once in a while, there’s a dual problem in regards to Johnny Depp’s alleged financial problems.

  1. The way he spent it.
  2. The way his ex managers spent it.

And there’s one more little problem; what’s that got to do with me (me as the entity of readers)

To explain it further.

I am the kind of person who thinks certain professions are overpaid. True, I’ve never been an athlete or a singer or an actor, but to be quite honest the money (some of) these professionals receive are astronomical. And while I can make a long (rather socialistic, if you like) comment about the scourge of capitalism, bottom line is these industries are rich. People are willing to pay for a football game, a concert, a movie and all their paraphernalia. In final analysis, if the athlete/artist isn’t paid well all money will go to studios.


If I’m paying good money to go to the cinema to watch Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr etc why shouldn’t they get the money? (I would prefer a paying method that would include experience, talent etc as well, but no one asks me. And truth be told the ones I mentioned would still get the money because I’m clever that way).

Now that we have the overpaid aspect of the subject aside, let me continue with my very important opinion of if I see the way another rich guy spends his money I’m going to move to a mountain top and build a cabin to live there on my own.

Dear rich people, I don’t live through you and quite frankly your spending your money insults me on a deep, personal level in the manner that I have no money to spend. So stop it. Keep your money, spend it as you like but stop flaunting it on my face. It makes me uncomfortable (and rather stanning for communism… well no, but you get my point, I hope).

If the press and rich people alike one day decide to stop showing me their houses, their swimming pools, their dresses, watches, the thousands pairs of shoes they have in a separate closet and how much they spend to eat in expensive restaurants I will greatly appreciate it.


The difference in what I describe above and in the case of Johnny Depp’s mysteriously missing money is that Depp never flaunted his money. Yes, he bought houses and an island. I have seen the odd picture of his island taken from an aeroplane. I haven’t seen his houses; I haven’t seen the richness he surrounds himself with. Until he was forced to sell some of his homes. Don’t get me wrong, die hard fans may know every little detail of his home, but unless he called the photographers to show to people how he lives, I have absolutely no problem if he will actually spends money to buy cotton balls. It’s his money.

When he sued his ex managers, they decided instead of defending themselves to make their client’s personal information public.

And therein lies my problem. It was not Johnny Depp who showed off his money to us. It was the people who are sued by him for mismanaging his money. I cannot for the life of me understand how these people still have any clients left (if they have any clients left) when they showed no confidentiality whatsoever. If they can prove their claims it was all his fault, take him to court prove your case and have him boiling with rage. Of course, my old time favourites, the media, are really helpful too when it comes to airing dirty laundry, even if it’s proven the laundry was clean and fresh, like the earpiece story that Jerry Bruckheimer and Geoffrey Rush debunked joyfully. (And where is Jessica Chastain’s apology? Lost in translation, I would guess.)

If it wasn’t enough that we know how Johnny Depp spent his money, now there are stories about Mr. Depp’s family members actually shoving their hands in his pockets. I understand it’s a story that sells. I understand that media -despite protestations and long, boring articles trying to convince us of the exact opposite- know Johnny Depp’s name sells, but he’s a human being.

And you know family betrayal or not, some times if we are human we should respect a person’s private life.

In final analysis, the problem isn’t Mr. Depp’s missing money, but everyone’s attempt to dehumanise him and make him a story. Or ten stories. I feel something between guilty and dirty knowing all this personal information of his. It’s none of my business; it’s none of your business either. It’s his problem, it’s his life, his family and friends, his money, his ex managers; it has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of humanity.

Let him deal with it. With as much decency and privacy he can master.


Now is happening to him. Next time is going to happen to someone else. And because gossip is part of our daily life, if it ever happens to you, you may only hope people around you won’t care enough to air your family secrets, betrayals and pains out in the open.


Raise your hand if you were surprised by the opinion’s subject.



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